Face Masks

The Best Face Masks with Activated Charcoal in The Home

Masks for the face with activated charcoal in the home can fully revitalize, renew and rejuvenate the skin of any age. The greatest effect these funds will bring if the external care is combined with the ingestion of these tablets.

Getting inside the body, Charcoal powder normalizes the work of the digestive tract, while “sucking” and removing from the body many harmful substances. This immediately improves the appearance of the epidermis.

Face Masks

But know that Charcoal powder along with slag can “take” out of the body and many useful trace elements, enzymes, amino acids, and vitamins. Therefore, the use of this medication within 10 days.

Mask for the face with charcoal is also able to take from the skin both harmful and useful substances. Therefore, the composition of the Charcoal means always includes additional ingredients that make up the substance “stolen” with activated powder in the dermis. Read more How to make a facial mask with activated carbon at home?

Deep Cleansing

We need:

  • Activated charcoal (1 tablet);
  • Black or green cosmetic clay (10 gr.);
  • Gelatin (8 g.);
  • Warm water (16 ml).

Mix thoroughly all the ingredients (add the gelatin in the last place). Leave the mass for a quarter of an hour to swell gelatin, then a little heated in a microwave or a couple until the gelatinous granules are completely dissolved. We apply. Cleansing face mask with activated charcoal in combination with cosmetic clay additionally well nourishes the dermis and regenerates it.

The Best Face Masks

Pull the contour of the face

We need:

  • Charcoal powder (15 g);
  • Aloe vera juice (7 ml);
  • Sea salt (5 gr.);
  • Gelatin (5 g);
  • Ethereal tea tree (4 drops).

In the mixture of components, gently add warm water until the thickening of the mass. In such rejuvenating face masks with gelatin and activated charcoal, instead of water, you can add milk (it acts on the dermis more delicately, whitening it at the same time). Gelatin, activated charcoal, milk in combination with Aloe and sea salt provide a deep lifting effect. At the same time, such remedies will also cure fatty and inflamed skin.

Narrow the pores

We need:

  • Aspirin and activated charcoal (1 tablet);
  • Gelatinous powder (8 g.).

Pour gelatin with warm water and wait about a quarter of an hour. Separately we grind aspirin and coal tablets and mix with warm water. Mix the mixture and heat it in a water bath. Immediately apply to the skin. Mask with activated charcoal and aspirin will well dry the inflammatory areas, cleanse the face and give it a magnificent color.

Preventive measures

We need:

  • Egg white;
  • Almond oil (5 ml);
  • Lemon juice (7 ml);
  • Charcoal powder (5 g).

In the whipped protein add the rest of the ingredients and warm up the mixture a little. Prophylactic mask with activated charcoal and protein is suitable for normal skin, which tends to fat. The mask acts antiseptically, feeding the dermis and restoring the work of the sebaceous glands.

Toning the skin

We need:

  • A decoction of chamomile and green tea (10 ml each);
  • Gelatin (8 g.);
  • A small cucumber;
  • Charcoal powder (5 g).

Cucumber wipes through a sieve while dividing the juice and flesh of the vegetable. In the pulp add a decoction of chamomile and tea. Then gently add gelatin powder. The mixture can be heated to completely dissolve the components. Lastly, add to the mass diluted in water activated charcoal. Cucumber mass with gelatin and activated charcoal additionally has a cleansing effect, and chamomile broth along with green tea perfectly tones up the skin, restoring the complexion.

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