Activated Carbon For Weight Loss

Cleansing The Body With Activated Carbon For Weight Loss

Many people who have tried different diets and methods of weight loss , trying to quickly lose weight and keep it in the norm for a long time, know perfectly well that activated charcoal is not only an excellent tool for cleansing the skin of the face , but also a wonderful assistant in the build a slim figure. So can you really lose weight with activated charcoal, reduce cellulite and not gain excess weight for a long time? Let’s discuss this topic in detail, exciting many full people.

Activated carbon is produced from carbonaceous materials of organic origin. In this case, all the closed pores of the material are opened. That’s why the tablet is porous, it is widely known as a sorbent, capable of combining the harmful substances accumulated in the body (slag and toxins) that enter the gastrointestinal tract and help them to get out. It’s not a secret that active-activated tablets are very effective in poisoning, which cleans the body of toxins.

Activated Carbon For Weight Loss

There are a lot of ways to fight cellulite and extra pounds. In addition to special exercises for slimming belly, which can be performed at home and a balanced diet, it is advisable to adhere to the suitable for you dietary to improve the figure. Doctors advise to use activated charcoal before you sit down on the diet and after its termination. But this method of losing weight will be a waste of time for the body, if you do not remove sugar, alcohol, salt and beloved foods from the diet. Keep reading

Each method of weight loss has its drawbacks and side effects. In the case of activated charcoal, there is only one, but a significant problem: in addition to harmful elements for the body, the drug removes minerals and vitamins that help each living cell function properly. Therefore, before you start losing weight in this way, weigh everything thoroughly and do not exceed the calculated dosages. So, is it possible to lose weight, remove the tummy and get rid of cellulite with the help of this tool? YES! But it is impossible to solve the problem of excess weight alone with pills.

This drug is much more effective to use together with a suitable diet for a specific case. As for calculating the dose, you cannot do this yourself, consult a nutritionist who, after the examination, will tell you when and in what proportions to take the coal, so as not to harm the body. The drug has contraindications: in the presence of gastrointestinal ulcers and gastric bleeding from it should be discarded.

There are two popular methods for taking activated carbon for weight loss:

Lite: Taking into account three meals a day, you need to swallow 3 tablets before breakfast, lunch and supper.

And drink for 10 days, then stop using coal for the same period. If necessary, repeat a few weeks later.

Tougher: In the morning, take pills at 1 per 10 kilograms. With a body weight of 90 kilograms, you need to swallow 9 tablets at a time. To ease the process, start with 4 pieces and gradually, each day to increase their number, carefully monitoring their own well-being. It is recommended to drink coal before breakfast.

To lose weight with activated charcoal, you need to balance your diet. Without this, not a single diet. If you strictly adhere to the regimen of taking medications for weight loss, but the daily consumption of fatty foods, as well as foods rich in carbohydrates, will not diminish (and maybe even increase), then you will not be able to lose excess pounds.

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