Black mask to eliminate blackheads: The secrets and the DIY recipe

The black mask is the beauty craze of the moment: but what is it? It is a treatment that purifies, eliminates blackheads and illuminates the complexion. Here’s everything you need to know about the trend. And the recipe to create it step by step to your home.

On social networks, there is nothing more than a black mask for the face, but this time it is not a trick for Halloween. In fact, for some months now, a beauty trend that is coming from the East is becoming popular: a purifying mask that promises to purify the skin by eliminating blackheads and making the radiant complexion. On Instagram, the hashtag #blackmask has over 130,000 posts. In which women (but also men) publish photographs with a mask on their faces.Black mask to eliminate blackheads

The peculiarity of this mask is to be peel off, or a mask that once applied. And dried is ripped off from the face as if it were a second skin. They appear as normal creamy masks, apply on the face or only on the critical points. And once dry they lift a corner and completely remove the mask. On Instagram but also on YouTube you can see the effects of the mask: it seems that all the impurities remain attached to the mask, allowing the skin to benefit from the purifying effect of the mask itself. It must be said, however, that the mask creates a rather thin patina on the face. And therefore the peel-off effect may not completely remove the black spots. But only the dead cells and hair bulbs on the face.

On the market, they are found of different types, from those specific for blackheads to enlightening ones. To those that eliminate toxins and purify the skin. The ingredient that unites them is undoubtedly the charcoal, which gives the mask the black color. Some of them, once applied, remain shiny, while others dry and become completely opaque when they are ready to be removed. The black mask can also be done at home. The effect will be even more beneficial if you make a steam-based beauty treatment before applying the mask. Just boil water and carefully place the face a few centimeters from the container or pot so that the steam opens the pores. Find out more in here ActineraBlack mask to eliminate blackheads

To create the DIY black mask but you have to pay attention to the ingredients: to obtain the peel-off effect, in fact, some use vinyl glue. However, this ingredient could be harmful and too aggressive for the skin. To create the black mask safely in your home you will need activated charcoal, which you will find easily in herbal medicine or at the supermarket: if it is in the form of pills crush with a meat mallet to pulverize them before creating the mask. Heat two large tablespoons of milk over the heat: once the boiling temperature has been reached, remove the saucepan from the heat and melt two sheets of gelatin or isinglass in the milk, stirring with a spoon. At this point add the charcoal powder and mix it all together. With the help with a flat makeup brush then apply the mask on your face. Leaving out the eye contour, making sure it is not hot. Leave it in place for 10 minutes, then lift a small corner and tear it away gently. After the mask, you can apply a moisturizing or lenitive cream to appease any redness.