Remove dark spots

Remove dark spots from your armpits and crotch

The dark armpits or sometimes black, is a problem that afflicts many of us, and not only that but also shames us, because it looks quite unsightly and also or it seems that it was due to lack of hygiene.

There are many factors that can cause our armpits to become dark, going through illness, the hereditary factor, or the continued use of hair removal methods that makes our skin become this color.

I bring you tricks and home remedies that work because I say it from experience:

I have had dark armpits, and I was embarrassed many times to put on strappy blouses in case at some point, when I picked up my hair or got on the bus, my armpits were visible and I did not want them to see me wrong.

Remove dark spots

But I researched and after a lot of trying things that are useless, I will share the 3 things that worked for me and that I am completely sure that you too. Keep reading

Remove dark spots from your armpits and crotch

Let’s start:

In the Ranking of the best and most effective, at least in my case it was…

Carbon activated with bee honey:

I can attest that it works, it’s a wonder and what I did was mix 4 pills or 2 teaspoons of activated charcoal, with honey.

You mix it in such a way that it is of a homogeneous consistency, it will be somewhat thick but so you put it with the help of a brush in your entire armpit or any part you want to bleach and leave it at least 20 minutes, depending on the degree of darkness that you have in your skin, I left it for half an hour and the truth is that it worked very well for me.

So you know, try it, activated charcoal can be obtained in pharmacies, or buy it online or Amazon if you cannot find it in your country.

The second remedy, but also quite effective is:

Bicarbonate with hydrogen peroxide:

The truth is that it is not a secret that so much bicarbonate with oxygenated water is used daily by many women to whiten their armpits and crotches, so I decided to try it and it worked for me.

What I did was mix two tablespoons of baking soda with 4 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide, preferably 30 volumes.

When you get a paste you apply it in your armpits for about half an hour and remove it with warm water.

It is also recommended that you do it before shaving, since if you have sensitive skin and you do it afterward your skin could become red or itchy, so my positive point for these two ingredients.

And my third recommendation is:

Remove dark spots

Mask of yogurt, honey, and lemon

This is a super super effective and effective mask is one of my favorite favorites because it removes your skin but also moisturizes your skin and causes the cells to regenerate and your spots disappear.

Although I must also recognize that if you have very dark armpits this remedy cannot be very effective on you since it is not a very aggressive treatment for this type of spots.

But you can use it to whiten little by little and also hydrate your skin.

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