couperose on face

Vascular mesh on the face (couperose): causes, treatment

Such a skin disease as couperose skin of the face appears with the expansion of small vessels, which disrupts blood circulation. As a rule, this is due to stagnation of blood and violation of venous outflow, and as a result provokes the appearance of a vascular network on the face.

The walls of small vessels and capillaries become not elastic and the tone of the walls decreases. If the capillaries are fragile, the disease manifests itself in a more aggressive form. Teleangiectasia is the initial manifestation of red neoplasms. In this article, we will consider the causes and treatment of couperose on the face.

The causes of couperose on the face

Causes of couperose on the face

The appearance of a vascular network on the face can be caused by a variety of factors – this is a number of factors that affect the skin in a complex manner. A sudden change in temperature, fluctuations from high to low temperature, the influence of ultraviolet radiation, hormonal changes in the body and the use of inferior make-up can provoke manifestations.

Pregnancy becomes a weak place for the manifestation of couperose skin of the face – in fact it is during this period there is a conglomeration of various factors. The hormonal splash and cardinal change of hormones in the pregnant body aggravate the state of the vascular system and is the cause of vascular mesh on the face.

It is not recommended to use lotions, foams and scrubs with alcohol content for the face . Antibacterial facial agents aggressively affect the skin and irritate the upper epithelium, dehydrating the surface. The future mother becomes very sensitive, and sensitive skin is a favorable environment for the appearance of this disease.

Vegetosovascular dystonia also predisposes to the formation of a vascular network on the face. With such a disease, emotional stresses during pregnancy are very subtle. First, the capillaries turn red and, after any excitement, appear as a cuperose of the facial skin. Keep reading

It is better to prevent than to cure…

Predisposition to the disease is dry and sensitive skin, the inherent sensitivity of the vessels. When pregnancy is mandatory to carry out preventive measures. What is the prevention and treatment of couperose on the face? First of all, do not allow the activity of factors contributing to the expansion of capillaries.

It is not enough to change your lifestyle to learn how to use cosmetics properly. You can take care of the skin of the face both at home and in the beauty salon. Most firms produce whole lines of funds for different ages, used for couperose skin.

Such cosmetic strengthens the walls of the capillaries and protects the skin from the negative effects of the external environment. The skin needs not only moisturizing and cleansing, it is important to protect it from the bright sun. With this skin disease, you cannot go to the solarium.

Instead of thinking how to remove the vascular network on the face, it is better not to let it appear at all. An hour before the release of frost on the skin, apply a protective cream. A special hydro lipid film protects the skin. The temperature in the bath is high, so the blood supply increases, the vessels become pronounced. A woman should not use scrubs with large substances, hard brushes.

Treatment of couperose on face

couperose on face

With a pronounced vascular network on the face is not enough only preventive measures. The treatment uses a method of destruction or effects on the vascular system. The most famous method of destruction and removal of affected vessels is photocoagulation, exposure to pulsed light. The method is gentle and does not leave injuries, while the skin remains undamaged. The photocoagulation method is able to work with a large surface of the skin.

Exposure to the radio wave is a painful method and after the procedures on the skin there are crusts that pass after 4-6 days of skin care. Using a hair electrode, vessels with a diameter greater than 2 mm are removed. In the treatment of vascular couperose on the face in 1 mm, the laser coloagulation procedure is effective, the removal of the spider veins under the influence of the laser.

With ozonotherapy, an ozone-oxygen mixture is introduced into the vessel, which fuses the walls of the vessels with burning. With the help of ozone, the disease can be completely eliminated. The procedure causes soreness, which is reduced by anesthesia. The skin does not leave scars and scars, but ozonotherapy can be used only at the initial stage of the disease.

Pregnant women should not use the above listed methods of treating couperose on the face before delivery and after 2-3 months. Normalize the vascular system with the help of such procedures as:

  • Mesotherapy;
  • Plastic massage;
  • Lymphatic drainage massage.

Mesotherapy is a procedure in which drugs and multivitamin complexes are injected under the skin using a syringe. Anesthetics in the form of a gel will help to remove pain. For a pregnant woman, plastic massage, cooling and soothing masks are suitable. Complete treatment of vascular mesh on the face during pregnancy, alas, is impossible, but make it less visible to you under force.

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