Can Netent Rig Its Slots?

As the old adage goes, you win some, you lose some, but when it comes to online casino games, things are different. Online casino games from Netent have come into sharp focus because players seem to be winning none and losing all. But could it be possible that Netent have rigged its slot games? Visit to have a look at some of the popular slots from this software provider. Slots rely purely on chance, and no one can tell the outcome, not even the creators of the game. But you may want to ask why it is that you always lose.

The Random Number Generator Concept

In a brick and mortar casino, you give the wheel a spin. The wheel continues to turn until it loses momentum, then comes to a rest. But in an online casino, the wheel turns but is not controlled by natural forces. The computer controls the wheel through the concept known as the Random Number Generator. This means that the wheel comes to rest through a computer algorithm that generates the rest position through random numbers. Consequently, it is impossible to use any method to predict where the wheel would land. Visit and give it a try in order to find out.

The Random Number Generator algorithm ensures that every player has a chance to win - and to lose! When you click "spin", the algorithm quickly works a number. It is this number that is translated into the results you see on the screen. Now, the computer doesn't know you nor does it have your player history though it may remember if you have been on a losing streak. It works independently so that the results it gives out are as fair as you can expect. Not even the casino owner can predict the outcome. Therefore, you can conclude that it is not practically possible to rig online casino games.

  • The computers work independently to generate random results
  • Not possible to predict the outcome of the spins.

Nevertheless, if you have been losing continuously, you are bound to throw your hands up in frustration as you look for something to blame. It is natural for most players to lay the blame on the casino owner, or the game providers. In anger, you may start questioning the authenticity of Netent games. It is not without reason that there is a reminder in every casino to play "responsibly". Know that when you bet your money, one of the outcomes is losing. You should not stake huge sums of money regardless of the streak you are experiencing because everything boils down to luck.

Would Netent Risk Its Reputation?

It is hardly likely that a company of Netent's caliber would want to risk its reputation by rigging its slots. The competition in the online casino games has become stiff as many other game providers flood the market with thousands of exciting titles. Some of the companies giving Netent a run for its money are Evolution Gaming and Playtech. To stay ahead, or keep up with the competition, it is only natural for Netent to be as honest as possible. It is, therefore, unlikely that Netent would want to throw all caution to the wind and engage in malpractices.

To safeguard its reputation and hopefully stay ahead of the competition, Netent would never want to engage in foul play. Though it may make short gains, the repercussions would be too dire. its license would be revoked, and a litany of debilitating court cases would follow. this would drive Netent out of business. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that Netent may want to throw everything away for short term gains. The ball is now firmly in the player's court. You have no one and nothing to blame except, of course, your luck. Just don't stake too much in the hope of winning a jackpot.


Last modified: 22 January 2021